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With such crazy, hectic schedules, most adults need a way to find relief from the stress and demands of daily life. By providing adequate warm up, stretching and conditioning exercises, in addition to technique drills, we make our classes an opportunity to regenerate and restore some of that lost energy and peace of mind. So you can recharge your batteries while learning to become a (better!) martial artist. We also know that adults are unique individuals in many ways, with their own habits and values firmly established. People learn best when they’re in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.
Child Classes {4 1/2 Years Old and Up}

General Characteristics:
1. Extremely active and curious.
2. Very flexible and resilient, both physically and mentally.
3. Searching for limits on behavior.
4. Enjoy encouragement and appreciation.

Class Emphasizes:
1. Simple activities that develop basic skills like coordination and balance.
2. Skills that develop major muscle groups, such as running, jumping, kicking.
3. Discipline through consistent enforcement of clearly defined rules.
4. Encouraging effort and cooperation more than results.

Teen and Adult Classes

General Characteristics:
1. Great physical confidence but tend to overestimate abilities.
2. Establishing identity separate from parents.
3. Strong desire for knowledge.
4. Sensitive to criticism and difficulty handling failure.

Class Emphasizes:
1. Teaching skills in greater detail
2. Providing many opportunities for success in the class.
3. Encouraging responsible behavior and goal setting.
4. Small group activities to encourage cooperation.

Family Classes { All Ages }

 Many South Bay parents are on the lookout for fun activities that involve the whole family. One activity you should consider: martial arts classes at J Lee Taekwondo.

 Our family program lets parents and children take classes together - this creates shared goals and quality time with your family. Many families have said that Taekwondo has brought their family closer together: while taking classes, practicing at home, or talking about Taekwondo over dinner. Families that kick together, stick together.

 J. Lee Taekwondo's family classes offer many benefits:

1. Bring your family closer together in a positive environment
2. An activity your whole family will enjoy
3. A fun form of exercise for both you and your children

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